Drilling Applications


Drilling requires precision, but often requires either high repetition with light tools or reaching and positioning with heavy tools – or both. zeroG® can help:

  1. Productivity Boost
    • Operators often must drill hundreds or even thousands of holes. To avoid injuries, companies have been required to use light drills...until now. zeroG® lets operators use heavy drills even for highly repetitive tasks.
    • Whether a drill is light or heavy, fatigue is a factor, requiring frequent breaks. zeroG® arms reduce or eliminate fatigue.
  2. Reduce Injuries
    • Drills can be very heavy, posing risk of both repetitive stress injuries and accidents zeroG® significantly reduces these injuries by eliminating virtually ALL of the drill's weight.
  3. Improve quality
    • zeroG® arms let drilling operators use their fine motor skills since they do not need to support the weight of the drill.

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Drilling Case Study: Aircraft Manufacturing

Acrobat Document zeroG Fixture Drilling Case Study and Specifications Case study of an aerospace manufacturer with a deomstrated ROI of 366% and payback within .27 years.

zeroG accommodates a wide variety of tools to help improve workplace safety, productivity and quality. Our solutions are not brand or model specific, but rather cover a broad range of tool forms and uses. The following is a small sampling of zeroG compatible tools related to drilling applications:

Buckeye Cooper 42LD-805 Quackenbush 140QGDA
Chicago Pneumatic RP9887 Quackenbush HT3
DeWalt - DCD940 Wachs SDB103



Example 1

zeroG® and a 14 lb Drill

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