Grinding Applications


Grinding is a tough job. zeroG® can help.

The use of heavy hand-held grinders is a typical requirement of most casting, forging and metal fabrication activities. It is cumbersome and tiring work which places considerable stress on the user. As a result, grinding is often considered to be one of the least desirable work assignments and is typically an area with low retention and high absenteeism.

The annual ROI for zeroG grinding customers often ranges from 250 to 500%.

By transforming even heavy grinders into a fraction of their actual weight, zeroG® can:

  1. Dramatically increase productivity
    • Operators can use a grinder longer without experiencing fatigue (because even heavy grinders weigh essentially nothing).
    • zeroG lets you use heavier, more powerful grinders safely, reducing cycle time.
    • Many users report labor reduction or productivity improvements of up to 50% through the use of zeroG®.
  2. Reduce or eliminate many common grinding-related injuries.
    • Not surprisingly, lifting even a 6-pound grinder for several hours a day puts the body under tremendous strain.
    • For a typical injury, direct medical costs alone can exceed US$20,000. When indirect costs such as lost time and retraining are included, costs can easily exceed US$40,000-80,000 for a single injury.
  3. Reduce tool damage and grinding disc usage.
    • With zeroG, cables and hoses are festooned along the arm to prevent damage. Also, since tools are no longer dropped when not in use, tool repair costs are reduced.
    • Since tools can be held in an optimal position, grinding disc usage can be reduced – often by 30-40% – since more of the pad can be used with proper pressure.
    • Combining these effects, customers can see costs savings of US$500 to US$1,000 per year or more in material savings alone.
  4. Improve Employee Satisfaction. Reduce Absenteeism.
    • Many customers using zeroG systems have experienced reductions in absenteeism (more than 50% in some cases) while also being able to return restricted duty employees to work.
  5. Improves quality.
    • A grinding operator can grind much more precisely when he only has to support a fraction of the grinder’s actual weight.

zeroG is simply a better way to grind and a new best practice in some of the world's top manufacturers.

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Case study for component grinding in casting, forging, and metal fabrication with demonstrated ROI of 583% and payback of 2 months

Grinding Case Study: Jet Engine Nacelle

Grinding Case Study: Transportation Equipment

Grinding Case Study: Mercury Marine Propeller Grinding

Grinding Case Study: Commercial Fixtures

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User Feedback:

“It feels great…no vibrations or heavy arms any more…I feel the difference when I get home after a shift.” – Grinder Operator

“Now that he has the zeroG, he will not have to retire early as it has made his job so much easier.” – Foundry Supervisor regarding 62-year-old operator

“zeroG’s rugged design is perfect for a tough outdoor environment.” – Operator

“The arm has helped with production, but what we really realized after using it for a few days, was the benefit to our shoulders neck and forearms. It has taken away all the fatigue we used to go home with, but didn’t realize we had”. “It’s really a great tool to use”. - Operator

zeroG accommodates a wide variety of tools to help improve workplace safety, productivity and quality. Our solutions are not brand or model specific, but rather cover a broad range of tool forms and uses. The following is a small sampling of zeroG compatible tools related to grinding applications:

Atlas Copco GTG 40 Dotco 12L4206-80
Atlas Copco LSV38 Dynabrade 11477
Bosch 1806e Dynabrade 52452
Cleco1760BVL Fein D73529
Cleco 15GL80 Honsa HTVG37-6
Cleco 560BHL Ingersol Rand 88V
Cooper 10D4149-74 Ingersoll Rand 99V
CP 9123 TopCat 520RA
Desoutter KA16075BY UAG-40SBL-136
Dewalt D28499X



Grinding Example 1

zeroG® at work for Mercury Marine

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Grinding Example 2

zeroG® at work for an Aerospace Components Manufacturer

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Grinding Example 3

zeroG® at work for a Transportation Equipment Provider

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