Other Applications


Equipois’s zeroG® technology can help to reduce injuries and increase productivity almost wherever workers are required to operate power tools or maneuver parts. Sample applications include:

  1. Pulse tools, torque tools, impact guns, and nut runners
  2. Crimping tools, including hydraulic and pneumatic crimpers
  3. Pneumatic and auto-feed screwdrivers
  4. Routers and saws
  5. Other tools commonly used for assembly manufacturing, including the automotive, aerospace, heavy machinery, and other industries

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Torque Tool Case Study: Heavy Equipment Manufacturing

zeroG accommodates a wide variety of tools to help improve workplace safety, productivity and quality. Our solutions are not brand or model specific, but rather cover a broad range of tool forms and uses. The following is a small sampling of zeroG compatible tools:

Atlas Copco - EP19PTX450-HR20-RE Ingersol Rand 2141
Atlas Copco - ETP DS9-150-13S Ingersol Rand 3942A2Ti
Atlas Copco ETV Atlas Copco LTP51
Ingersol Rand W4A2 Atlas Copco LTP61 HR900-25
Milwaukee 6527 Atlas Copco LTP61 PHR700-25
Cleco Cooper 34RAA37AX3 Norbar PTM 92
Cleco Cooper 64TTK205D6 Sioux IW75BP
CP0611 GASED Snap On MG725
EFD Brazing Coil Stanley EA34LA19-80
Honle UVAHand 250 Telesis TMM4200
Honsa HTP B-17 URYU-UXR-T2400S
Ingersol Rand 2135TiMAX URYU-UX-T1620



Example 1

zeroG® with an Impact Tool

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Example 2

zeroG® with a Pulse Tool

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Example 3

zeroG® with a Torque Tool

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