Riveting Applications


Rivet squeezers are often heavy, bulky, or both – yet riveting requires a high degree of precision. zeroG® can help.

Our zeroG® mechanical arms can transform a 15 lbs., 25 lbs. or even a 35 lbs. rivet squeezer into a fraction of its actual weight. This delivers a range of benefits:

  1. Productivity Boost
    • An operator can use his rivet squeezer for longer periods of time, due to less fatigue
    • By making even heavy rivet squeezers effectively weightless, zeroG® enables our customers to upgrade to heavier, more powerful equipment
  2. Reduce Injuries
    • Even light-weight rivet guns can place the body under tremendous strain – zeroG® eliminates that strain
  3. Improve quality
    • Taking the weight out of a rivet squeezer allows the tool’s operator to use more of his fine motor skills (because he is “guiding, not lifting” the rivet squeezer)

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Riveting Case Study: Aircraft Manufacturing

Acrobat Document zeroG Compression Riveting Case Study and Specifications

Case study of an aircraft OEM with a deomstrated ROI of 423% and payback within .24 years.


zeroG accommodates a wide variety of tools to help improve workplace safety, productivity and quality. Our solutions are not brand or model specific, but rather cover a broad range of tool forms and uses. The following is a small sampling of zeroG compatible tools related to riveting applications:

CP-0351 RTC 1200
Fatigue Technology BB70 Alcoa 245



Riveting Example 1

zeroG® Riveting Demonstration 1

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Riveting Example 2

zeroG® Riveting Demonstration 2

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