Metal Finishing


Equipois offers zeroG solutions for nearly every stage in metal finishing where tools are used, including:

  1. Surface Preparation
    • Slag Removal
    • Rough Grind
  2. Metal Finishing
    • Sanding
    • Polishing
    • Finish Grinding
  3. Metal Fabrication
    • Welding
    • Cutting
    • Brazing
Foundries, forges, component manufacturers, OEM's, maintenance and repair operations, and others have boosted productivity and reduced injuries with zeroG.  Join us in making zeroG your new best practice.

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Case Studies


Foundry - Component Grinding

583% ROI payback of 2 months



Bradken Kilburn, Western Australia:

The Bradken foundry in Kilburn, Western Australia had 14 injuries attributed to grinding over a 24 month period, four of which resulted in employees being placed on restricted duties. zeroG® reduced injury rates to zero. zeroG® reduced the total hours required for grinding related tasks by over 60%. Trip hazards were also reduced by running power leads through the zeroG® structure. Absenteeism in the grinding area was immediately reduced by nearly 50% due to improvement of worker safety and morale


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