Shipbuilding and ship maintenance consistently rank near the top of OSHA's list of industries with the highest injury rates.  Although much progress has been made in recent years to improve this standing, shipbuilding injury rates are still well above other industry averages.

Most shipyards need workers to grind, weld and de-scale nearly constantly.  No matter how many precautions workers or management take, these activities are physically demanding and bear significant cost and risk.

Equipois solutions can virtually eliminate whole classes of injuries caused by repetitive strain and stress.  And by dramatically reducing fatigue, Equipois solutions significantly improve productivity and enhance quality leading to lower total ownership costs.

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Read a release about a test of a mobile zeroG system here:

Human Exoskeleton Supports Shipyard Work

Source: Puget Souds Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility Public Affairs

"I could have gone longer, but I ran out of weld, and the grind disc wore out," said a worker at a Navy shipyard testing a zeroG mobile device.

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Case Studies

Barge manufacturer - Fixture Drilling

50% reduction in labor hours required to complete each grinding operation

Drilling Example

Customer Industry/Description of Problem

  • Significant injury and throughput problems in surface preparation prior to painting


  • Overhead grinding on bottom and horizontal surfaces of barge
  • Work done from a man-lift to reach surfaces

zeroG® Solution

  • Complete zeroG system mounted to man-lift basket with adjustable positioning system
  • Robust design for tough outdoor environment - plasma welding slag in vicinity

Customer Benefits (ROI)

  • Significant (+50%) improvement in number of hours required to complete each operation
  • Elimination of shoulder injuries (rough cost $80k per incident)