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Download zeroG® Overview Brochure
Download Definitive zeroG® Guide
Download zeroG4® Product/Spec Sheet Overview
Download zeroG2® Product/Spec Sheet Overview
Download X-Ar Product/Spec Sheet Overview


Case Studies


Download zeroG Productivity Case Studies
Download zeroG Overhead Sanding Case Study and Specifications
Case study of a major airline with demonstrated ROI of 259% and payback of 6 months.

Download zeroG Grinding Specifications and Case Study: Bradken Kilburn Foundry.

Case study for component grinding in casting, forging, and metal fabrication with

demonstrated ROI of 583% and payback of  2 months.


Download zeroG Overhead Fastening Specs and Case Study: Automotive Manufacturer

Case study for automotive fastening which solved for high ergonomic risk and multiple

injuries. Outcome was a demonstrated ROI of 393% and payback of 3.1 months.


Download zeroG Compression Riveting Specs and Case Study: Aircraft OEM

Case study for a major manufacturer of commercial aircraft.

Outcome was a demonstrated ROI of 423% and payback of 2.8 months.


Download zeroG Fixture Drilling Specification and Case Study: Aerospace Manufacturer

Case study demonstrating use of heavy Quackenbush drills in tight confined spaces.

Outcome was a demonstrated ROI of 366% and payback of 3.3 months.



zeroG Manuals


Download zeroG4® Set-up Manual
Download zeroG4® Operator's Reference
Download zeroG2® Set-up Manual
Download zeroG Safety of Machinery
Download zeroG Inspection & Maintenance
Download zeroG Recommended Spare Parts


X-Ar Manuals


Download Complete X-Ar Quick Start Guides (arm, chair and workstation mount)
Download X-Ar Arm Quick Start Guide
Download X-Ar Chairmount Quick Start Guide
Download X-Ar Workstation Quick Start Guide