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X-Ar™ -- the world’s first exoskeletal arm support for manual tasks. 

X-Ar is an exoskeletal arm that attaches to your arm and provides dynamic support throughout your natural range of motion.  Derived from our award-winning zeroG® technology, X-Ar bears the weight of your arm while preserving your freedom of movement – which means you can work with your arms outstretched with less fatigue and discomfort. 

X-Ar can enhance your stamina and precision, which can significantly boost productivity and reduce injuries. 

X-Ar is designed to assist with a wide range of activities where people work with their arms outstretched, from assembly operations in factories to laboratory tasks to office work. Read about a successful implementation of X-Ar for assembly tasks.

Applications include:

  • Welding -- MIG & TIG
  • Overhead Sanding (see video)
  • Assembly Tasks (for an example, see our blog)
  • Soldering & Brazing
  • Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Sanding
  • Deburring
  • Personal Use

If you have ideas for other uses for X-Ar, click the e-mail link below and let us know -- your input is valued and much appreciated.

Download X-Ar Specifications

Download X-Ar Quick Start Set-up Guides:

Complete X-Ar Arm Quick Start Guide

Arm, Chairmount, and Workstation Set-up

X-Ar Arm Quick Start Guide

Arm Set up

X-Ar Chairmount Quick Start Guide

Chairmount Set-up

X-Ar Arm Workstation Start Guide

Workstation Set-up

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