zeroG vs. Tool Balancers


Tool balancers have been used for decades to hold hand-operated tools in a fixed position. While tool balancers can be excellent tool-support devices in certain situations, they have limitations, making tool balancers unsuitable for some applications and manufacturing environments.   zeroG offers unmatched freedom of motion and support and does not require overhead mounting, which means that zeroG will work (and work better) in situations where tool balancers are not effective.


zeroG arm zeroG arm zeroG arm closeup VS tool balancer tool balancer tool balancer
FeatureszeroGTool Balancers
Freedom of Motion
Full Freedom of Motion: The operator is able to maneuver his tool with every degree and angle of freedom needed – just without the weight.
Limited: Tool balancers are best in purely vertical travel applications – once rotation or more is required outside of the vertical axis, the utility of the balancer is minimized and can actually place added strain on the operator.
Mounting Flexibility
Total Flexibility in Mounting: zeroG®'s universal mounting system and small footprint enable seamless integration in almost any manufacturing environment.
Overhead Mounting Required: Difficult to accommodate in many manufacturing environments and for tasks that require overhead work.
Power Source
Zero Energy Required: zeroG® is 100% mechanical and requires no power source to operate.
Sometimes Required: Many lower-weight tool balancers are mechanical, while higher-payload balancers tend to require pneumatic or electric power.
Payload Capacity
Low-to-Medium Weight: zeroG® technology was designed to support tools, parts and other payloads up to 36 lbs. The zeroG2 arm can support tools up to 10 lbs., while the zeroG4 arm supports payloads ranging from 8 lbs. to 36 lbs.
Wide Range: Tool balancers vary greatly in their payload capacity. Some balancers support tools weighing a few pounds while others can support several hundred pounds. Many tool balancers also have a narrow payload range.


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